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so.. this just happened. Pardon the lousy drawing, my hand isn’t really stable after that. (like i’m not even kidding)

Me and Captain hasn’t been doing so well these past weeks- and I feel like such a shitty friend because I’ve been very distant lately. She knew Twelve and I aren’t in a good place- our family issues and everything is getting to us. But omg. She told me that she wanted to get it for us- just.. just because! And gave it early because she was worried that I’ll get it soon. Like….Motherfucker, now i feel like jelly.

Very fortunate for the gift we call friends- and damn- now i gotta get a gift back before Captain flies back home. God help me- i suck at gifts.

  1. flock5 said: Awwww, your friend is so nice ^^ I’m sure you’ll do fine getting a gift :)
  2. razieltwelve said: You’ll do fine ^_^.
  3. toosleepyforsanity said: Don’t worry, I sure you will get a good gift for her. :D
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